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Challenge Accepted

on November 13, 2013

So we were challenged two weeks ago to finish a professional development book. At first I thought, “No way is that going to happen with everything else I have to do.” But I am here to report that just today I have finished reading “Mini-Lessons For Literature Circles” by Harvey Daniels and Nancy Steineke. The next book on my reading list is “Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs & Reading Groups” by Harvey Daniels. I might even start this book after I post this blog!

minilessons for lit circleslit circles

Thank you to Elisabeth who asked our college library to order these books and then checked them out for me to read!

“Mini-Lessons For Literature Circles” is full of exactly what it boasts … tons of mini-lessons! Daniels and Steineke are very committed to modeling student literature circles off of adult book clubs. By doing this, students are provided with real life reading experiences.

Before reading this book I had a very vague idea of what literature circles entailed. Now I have a vision of how I can incorporate literature circles in my classroom. The mini-lessons in this book cover three major, overlapping topics: the social skills necessary for effective discussions, strategies that help students understand texts, and the literary lenses smart readers use to examine and appreciate what they read. I feel armed and ready with these mini-lessons.

However, I am also excited to learn even more about literature circles, so I am off to read “Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs & Reading Groups” right now!!






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