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I Love My Highlighter!!

on September 4, 2013


I love my highlighter. Why? Because it makes the important phrases stand out and say “HELLO!! You thought I was important enough to make me glow!!” Phrases such as: “As a new teacher it is so important that you discover who you are as a teacher, that you discover your own best practices and then start to question them. Question the ideas you are taught and see how they fit into your vision.”

This quote was taken from one of our readings for this unit – “How We Became That Room” by Pernille Ripp. This quote hit me on so many different levels that I had to whip out my weapon of reading choice and slash it across the words, making them an irresistible-to-the-eye neon yellow.

Many of the readings for this unit urged us to give up control of our classrooms. That freaks me out A LOT. What happens when things go wrong? Who is held accountable when disaster strikes? Oh right … that’s me.

worried face

But this excerpt from Ripp reassures me. I am a beginning teacher. I have so much room to grow. I do not have to begin my career as an English teacher with an “everything is out of my control willy-nilly” classroom. If after a few years of gaining teaching experience I begin to feel more comfortable letting loose the bonds of control – Great! But I need to discover my “teacher-self” first.

However, this quote also serves as a nudge to keep growing, to fill up all that learning room I have right now and then keep adding even more. Once I have some teaching experience under my belt it is time to reflect. I will need to question whether my practices are really benefitting my students. Maybe then it will be time to consider giving them more control.

I really like the image below because of the infinity symbol. It serves to remind me, and hopefully you as well, that learning is a never-ending process. We all have room to grow and that is what gives life variety and makes it exciting!! I may not get any taller, but I know that there are no limits to what my mind can learn.

room to grow

Happy Learning!!!

smiling flower



One response to “I Love My Highlighter!!

  1. Be Lindsey. That’s what I’m going to call this. (After Gretchen Rubin’s happiness rule, Be Gretchen.) Of course, it’s hard to know who Lindsey is right now–the teacher Lindsey, I mean. I’m very interested in your comments about how it freaks you out not to feel like you’re the one in control in your classroom and that it may take you several years to have the confidence to give students more control. I do think it takes a couple of years or so to figure out who we are in the classroom and how to be ourselves.

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