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“My 5 Words: Aspirations for the Classroom”

on August 27, 2013

After reading Garnet Hillman’s blog “My 5 words,” I was faced with the challenge of narrowing down my future classroom into five words. I thought this would be easy; that my thoughts would immediately fill with the perfect adjectives to describe my dream classroom. This was not the case, but I have worked my way to these five conclusions.

Open – I want to create an environment of sharing within my classroom. Students will be able to freely share their writing, thoughts, and opinions without fear of being ridiculed. There will be open communication between myself and my students. I want to build positive relationships with my students. They will know that mistakes are a part of learning and that the classroom is a safe environment in which they can make these mistakes.

Progressive – Because my students will have a safe environment in which they can make mistakes, it is also important that they are learning from these mistakes. I want to create learning goals with my students. These goals will vary with each student, and perhaps we may even have some classroom goals that everyone is working toward. It is my hope that these goals will motivate my students; as well as create an extraordinary sense of accomplishment in my students when they reach their goals.creative words

Creative – I want my students to explore their interests in my classroom. I want to link these student interests to what we are studying. I want to see my students explore their interests through reading and writing. I want to be creative in my teaching and provide my students with opportunities to be creative when they demonstrate what we are learning. Lots of I wants!!

Responsible – There will be many expectations of my students. Whether those expectations are to turn in their homework on time, follow school rules, try their best, etc., I want my students to be responsible and work toward meeting these expectations. They will understand that we all play a role in creating a safe environment. It is my goal to have an organized classroom (not one that can’t be fun, but one that functions smoothly) and that I work to meet the high expectations of my students, their parents, and school administration.

Diverse – There are so many ways that this will describe my classroom. First, my students will be diverse. They will each have different experiences and attitudes they bring to the classroom. I welcome the wide range of contributions that my students will bring to my classes. Next, the way in which students learn will be diverse; therefore the methods I use to teach will have to be diverse as well. There will be student choice along with whole-class readings. There will be prompted writing and free-writing. There will be essays, creative writing, multimedia projects, reading aloud, and silent reading time.

So in a five word nutshell, this is my classroom.

Links: Garnet Hillman’s “My 5 words.”


2 responses to ““My 5 Words: Aspirations for the Classroom”

  1. The beauty of creating this vision of your classroom is that it enables you to interrogate your curricular decisions fairly closely to see if what you’re doing is the kind of thing a teacher who wants this type of classroom would do.

  2. nikkijh24 says:

    “Lots of I wants!” Haha. I also had difficulty picking 5 words to describe my future classroom. I think having “I wants” is exactly what you need to do. We have every right to be selfish when it comes to how we want our classrooms to be. We will all have different 5 words and different values that we want seen in our classrooms…(another want!)
    I really liked your diversity section. Obviously, each student will be diverse, therefore, your teaching styles and activities will have to be diverse. This enhances your goal of creating a creative classroom.

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